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Oh, want to know why our pens are smoother than a baby's backside? It's called attention to detail. We sand, sand, and sand some more, seal the wood, and then use a top-notch, shellac-based polish for a highly durable and beautiful glossy finish. You don't have just a beautiful writing instrument--you've got pocket art!

Want top quality? Our products are meticulously crafted--we take pride in our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they be refilled?

Refills? All of our pens use standard refills from your local office supply stores. We can also mail refills directly to your home or office.

How much of a selection is there?

Want a large selection to choose from? We offer over 25 styles and more than 65 beautiful exotic woods from around the world. Love color? We have beautiful dyed woods and wood burls in blue, green, yellow, red, and purple, or how about some double-dyed burls, such as violet and teal or red and black?

How do I order?

Need a special gift in a hurry? No problem! Because we make each pen, pencil, and letter opener individually, custom orders are no problem for us and no extra charge for you. Without leaving home, use the dropdowns to (1) pick the style you like, (2) pick the wood, (3)pick the fittings if applicable, (4)checkout through the secured payment process supplied by Paypal and (5) we carefully package your custom made order and ship it to your door, insured, on time, anywhere in the continental United States for only $4.95 per order of under $25.00, $5.95 per order of between $25 and $35, and $6.95 per order of over $35.00.

Are there any extras?

Like freebies? Each of our pens, pencils, and letter openers comes with a velvet pen bag - FREE - with a care card containing all the information pertinent to your individual pen, such as name of wood species, country of the wood's origin, and refill information.

Is there an option for large orders with special pricing?

Corporate gifts? Large order? Call us for special pricing on orders of 15 or more.

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